The Artist

The blacksmith artist

Richard Bigras is originally from Sainte-Scholastique, an agricultural region in the Laurentians in Québec, Canada. He began his career in 1972, devoting five years to learning and mastering his art with a master blacksmith. He has since developed his unique style and techniques to forge metal into original works of art.

He is a member of the Artists-Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA). This professional association includes a wide number of blacksmiths from all over North America.

Every piece of art created by Richard Bigras is signed and dated to insure authenticity. His work can be found throughout Québec, Ontario and even in the United States. Hundreds of Québec families have purchased their own creations of Richard Bigras. Hotels, restaurants, bars and golf courses are among his clients and he has been invited to exhibit some of his pieces in movie scenes.

Richard Bigras has participated in over twenty artisan exhibits including the Salon des métiers d’arts du Québec at Montréal in 1983.

He has been consulted by many municipalities to recreate wrought iron pieces for heritage home restorations.

ln 1985, he built his own workshop in Bellefeuille (now part of Saint-Jerome). It has been enlarged over time as his clientele has increased.

ln 2005 he began a new project – to relocate his workshop to Lost River, Harrington. Here in the enchanting riverside forest, the surroundings are the perfect backdrop for creativity.

The studio opened for business in December, 2010. It is situated on Route 327, halfway between Lachute and Mont Tremblant.

Richard can also be reached via internet. If you can draw it or even imagine it, he will work with you to bring your inspiration to life in wrought iron. His wealth of experience (more than 40 years) in design is at your service.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with him if you have any questions. It will be his pleasure to make a quotation on your project.